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Wedding Entertainment

We offer four types of wedding entertainment.

  • Kid’s magic show during the speeches. Great for all ages
  • Ice breaker juggling show for after the meal
  • The secret, drunken waiter
  • Table to table magic

The first option is for the kids. While the speeches are being made, don’t worry about the kids getting fidgety or hearing a little too much. Have one of our magicians, entertain them in another room. A fantastic treat that turns what could be a boring meal into oodles of entertainment.

If you are worried about your wedding party flagging a little bit after the meal, the second option is for you. Have our juggling act come out and wow the guests. The best part of the act is that you can pick who the “volunteers” are before the show. See and Uncle or a brother eat an apple while its juggled. Laugh as Aunt Anne has a football spun on a hat on hear head. Guffaw as one of the bridesmaids is turned into a beautiful assistant to help with a daring trick.

All good fun and all clean humour.

We also have wedding entertainment with a twist. The drunken waiter is perfect if you are looking for a bit of craic at your wedding. The key to this will be secrecy. You will also need permission from the venue. However, this act creates mock outrage that will have your relatives laughing for a long time. Certainly something that will be remembered.

Add some class to your event by having a walkabout magician. The magician will mingle among the guests performing tricks and making tasteful jokes. An engaging way to get your guest relaxed and in the mood to celebrate your big day.

To find out more about any of the acts or wedding entertainment ideas, call or email us today. You can also see more children’s entertainers at our sister site