Science Show for Kids

Laugh and learn as students help Doctor Brain with experiments and demonstrations. Doctor Brain performs an engaging school science show that appeals to Primary schools. Fun-Believable Science is a show with a “wow” factor that will have your students buzzing. See Doctor Brain defy gravity, conduct an experiment on the entire audience, and involve students and teachers in demonstrations that are both fun and informative. An interactive 1 hour show that combines science and entertainment.

Science Show Topics Include:

Hit of the Cork Science Festival as well as shows at the “One Good Idea” awards at Dublin Castle.

Fun-Believable Science is facilitated by Jeff Keough who has over 25 years experience as an entertainer. Jeff has performed at the White House, Leinster House, toured America and Canada, and performed at his daughters Senior Infant Class. Jeff has a background as a juggler and magician having written and performed his stage shows “Jackula” and “Captain Splash”. Jeff has applied this experience as an entertainer to create the same fun atmosphere and energy for your school show.

Fun-Believable science is an all ages show that has worked for both Primary School and Secondary School. While the demonstrations remain the same, the dialogue and explanations are tailored for each group. The science explored is kept fairly simple, so that it is accessible to all. However this would not be aimed at advanced physics students preparing for Leaving Cert. It is a general science show with engaging demonstrations.The show is able to work for both Primary and Secondary is has high entertainment value with the use volunteers and a teacher keeping all of the children focused through out. Children of all ages love to see their friends and fellow students joining in the demonstrations.

The set up for the show requires a table. One can be brought if none are available. There are no space requirements.

Yes! The facilitator has a background as one of Ireland’s most successful magicians and jugglers. As such he is used to bringing up volunteers and creating entertaining interaction.

Examples of participation:
  • Three students are brought up for a centrifugal force demonstration. They are each given a pen and told they have to stay perfectly still. For the sake of the experiment this is vital. But can they stay still? Hilarity ensues as Dr. Brain tests their mental ability to focus and not move. Once this been established he demonstrates how a spinning ball stays upright on a pen. (Centrifugal force must be stronger than gravity.) Dr. Brain then spins three dodge balls, placing one on the pen that each of the students is holding.

  • A teacher is brought up to help with a balancing demonstration. Dr. Brain demonstrates that the longer something is the easier it is to balance. (A higher center of gravity allows for more time for the balancer to make corrections.) Dr. Brain balances a juggling club on his face. Easy. But will it be easier if he puts a glass of water on top to make the object he is balancing longer? The science says yet. To prove his belief in science he has the teacher lie down underneath the balanced glass of water. This is a huge crowd pleaser. Once that is done, Dr. Brain continues to show that longer objects are easier to balance. He adds a second glass of water on top of the first. Then a third. A “wow” demonstration that will have students and teachers buzzing.

  • A student is brought up for a memory demonstration. The human mind records everything that we do from the moment we are born all the way through our lives. Our memory only retains the most recent things and major events in our life, along with the odd bit of trivia. Can a student be quickly shown a deck of card and remember the entire deck in order? To demonstrate a student is shows a deck of cards and then must pick out a specific card as it shuffles by. This is an entertaining trick that introduces students to how memory works and the power of the brain.

  • All of the students are involved in the opening demonstration. Dr. Brain will attempt to make his head grow three times bigger. The entire audience will witness this transformation. This is done as a way to explain optical illusions. Entertaining and educational.
The more the merrier. The main criteria is that all of the students are able to see clearly. The show can come with a PA and has been performed for shows that seat 300.
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