Face Painting & Balloon Modelling

Have colorfully costumed face painters create whatever a child desires. All our artistes are fast, friendly and fun and have year’s of experience. We have a variety of themed costumes that will enhance any event. So, if your event is a Christmas party, all the face painting is done is Santa dresses. If you are having a Wild West barbecue, then the face painting is done as cowgirls.

We also believe there is no limit to what can be done. Our face painters allow each child to suggest whatever face they desire. The emphasis for our face painting is creativity and fun. There are no set lists. There are no limits to the choices. The only constraint is time. If there is time enough time, then we will create it.

Our balloon modelers focus on fun and interaction. Making balloon modeling is all about engaging with the kids. Once we know what they want, we have a bit of fun while the balloons are being made. The balloons may only last a short while, but the happy memories go on for a lot longer.

We try to keep the queues short. The amount of complicated balloon sculptures depends on the number of children at the kids parties. If it’s quiet, a balloon house that the kids can walk in and out of, is possible. However, on busy days and at most events, we are more interested in making sure the events works. That means short queues and plenty of goofy interaction.

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